If you want to be a magician then you’ve come to the right place!

These tricks might take a bit of practice but it’ll be worth it. Once you master them all you’ll be on your way to becoming an amazing magician.


Tip’s to improve your magic

Sponge Ball 

In the video we learnt to ‘false transfer’ a coin from one hand to the other so it looked like the coin disappeared. You can also do this with other items like sponge balls.


Sponge balls are great to practice with as they are soft and can be squeezed into any sized hand. So if you struggle with the coin, try a sponge ball, once you get that then move back to the coin.

Pencil and Paper 

Now you know how to force a card, you could turn your trick from mind reading into a prediction.


Take some paper and a pencil and decide on which card you are going to force. Once you decide on the card you can either write your prediction before you start the trick, or write it after the cards have been cut and before the spectator looks at the card they cut to. For some added drama you could put your prediction into an envelope and give it to another spectator to hold.


Enjoy learning magic –

Magic is just like any other skill, if you want to get better at it you need to practice. But the key is to enjoy practicing, if you ever start to feel like you don’t want to practice then stop and come back to it the next day.


Above all else magic should be fun so practice one trick at a time until you get really good at it. You want to be so good you can show your friends and family and amaze them before moving onto the next trick. Eventually you’ll learn so many tricks that you’ll be able to build your own routine.


Remember…magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.