“Scientists have calculated that the chances of something so patently absurd actually existing are millions to one.
But magicians have calculated that million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten.” 
― Terry Pratchett, Mort

Street Magic is the modern version of magic taking the world by storm.

No more capes and 80’s synth pop, no more white tigers and cutting ladies in half, street magic is about performing epic tricks there and then in the moment.

What was once reserved for the stage and parlour has now been adapted and redefined making magic more accessible than ever before.

Street Magic, as the name suggests, is predominantly performed impromptu to people on the street. However with magicians and illusionists such as David Blaine, Criss Angel and Dynamo raising the profile of the art over the last 20 years, street magic is now performed everywhere from weddings, to birthdays, even at family BBQ’s!

Street magic for most people is the first and most direct route into becoming a magician, to get the basic’s down you just need a pack of cards and you’re ready to go. From that point onward it’s down to learning as much as you can, practicing as often as you can and continually adding to your skill set.

Whether you choose to pursue street magic or you get the itch to get up on the stage, magic is an incredible art to see performed and hard to put down when you start learning!

So why not go grab a deck of cards and get practicing? I’ll even get you started with your first trick


“The show was brilliant, the kids loved it!” A